Will More Low-Income Youth Be Able to Build Their Pathways to Prosperity? Secretary of Education Highlights NFTE as Scalable Best Practice

Posted: July 16, 2009 in Education
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Imagine a World…
Where young people are trained to make it in the market economy.  Where high school is relevant and real life and young people learn skills they will need to build their pathways to prosperity.
At the Aspen Ideas Festival… the US Secretary of Education shared his support that young people learn entrepreneurial skills.  The NFTE Program Highlighted Several Times as Best Practice by  US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talk with Robert Schieffer of CBS’s Face the Nation.
“To find those practices and to scale them up… all this discretionary money we have  All I want to do is invest in those schools those school districts those nonprofits that are both closing the achievement gap and raising the bar for everybody.  So We have an unprecedented opportunity to do that and to take to scale what works.  There is a program, you guys are going to watch a movie tonight, the NFTE Program.  This Ten9Eight movie that focuses on this idea of teaching entrepreneurship.  Well they are doing a phenomenal job… we should have more students engaged in that.  I am a big fan of Teach for America- they are doing a great job of producing in the next generation of teachers… we should invest more in that.  My job is not to come up with the next great idea.  My job is to figure out what’s really working around the country and help those folks take to scale those best practices.. its a unique, unique opportunity.”
– Arne Duncan at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Aspen Colorado,
LINK TO INTERVIEW– quote above featured in minute 29 – 31 http://www.aifestival.org/audio-video-library.php?menu=3&title=509&action=full_

Dan Sharpe with the Institute for Large-Scale Innovation:

“I’d like to ask you to comment on a recent quotation of Tom Freidman’s.  He said the stimulus program will help our economy recover, but only innovation will help us retain our competitiveness.  You’re bringing great innovation to the process of education; what changes are you doing in education to enhance the ability of our students to be innovative?”


Arne Duncan:

“That’s a great question.  I think so much of that is providing students with a range of opportunities to pursue their skills and pursue their passions.  So again, just an example, you guys have been watching here tonight, this NFTE program is taking children from some very very tough backgrounds and giving them a chance to be entrepreneurs, to be innovators, to build their own businesses.  There is a young man, I don’t know if he is here, but he is in the movie, Rodney Walker – yeah he’s coming up next.  I don’t want to start crying up here but this young man has overcome some things that most of us think is just unimaginable, but because he had those opportunities, he was on the Dean’s List this year, a freshman at Moore House, class president – very, very tough background, never seen a mountain before he came her today – never seen a mountain.


So we have to find more opportunities to help students find their passion, find their creativity, to give them the ability to innovate, and despite their tough situations they can do great things.”


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