Shining a light on youth entrepreneurship during President Obama’s Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington DC

Posted: March 11, 2010 in Education
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With the President’s Summit coming up next month for entrepreneurship in the Middle East– we can take pause to reflect on our work to teach entrepreneurship to youth locally, nationally and globally.

When I hear the astounding rates of unemployment in SE Washington (27%) versus the National rates (9.7 today)– we know now more than ever our young people — especially those living in low-income communities — need to be better prepared to make it in the market economy.

Youth unemployment globally is pretty much DOUBLE the adult unemployment rates– its a good time to reflect what we teach young people…

Should they solely learn to ‘TAKE A JOB’ as most of us did in our educations… or is it time to lern to ‘MAKE A JOB.’ – what do you think?

and what action short term and long term should we take so that every youth, especially those living in low-income communities, learn that they can own and build their place in our market economy.

Julie Kantor
VP, NFTE Washington Office
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)


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